Generation 2 - The high-performance driving cell  

While we've successfully transferred the V4Drive Generation 1 into serial production, we're currently developing the next generation and incorporating the outstanding performance features of our booster cell into a driving cell. With a peak power output of > 400 W and more than twice bigger cell capacity than Generation 1 UHP cells enables longer and powerful performance. We're thus advancing lithium-ion technology further.

Moreover, different cell formats of Generation 2 also enable variance in parameters, thereby offering tailored solutions for a variety of E-mobility applications as well as in the realm of power tools.

Key Features

Product overview of Generation 2

  V18650-HP30 in concept phase V21700-HP45 in concept phase V21700-HEP5X in concept phase
Discharge capacity ​at 0.2C 3.0 Ah 4.5 Ah > 5.6 Ah
Volumetric peak power density > 7,000 W/L > 7,000 W/L > 6,000 W/L

V4Drive sets new standards

Our high-performance cell clearly stands out from competing products.

Illustration based on the independent "Batemo Battery Laboratory"