Generation 1 - The high-performance booster cell

Thanks to their outstanding properties, Generation 1 cells are ideally suited to supplying short-term peak power in hybrid electric vehicles (HEV). Moreover, they provides longer operation time for power tools without getting hot thanks to the low internal resistance. The booster cell delivers up to 300 W for 10 seconds and peak currents up to 120 A. It also impresses with its fast-charging capability of less than 6 minutes, excellent cycle stability and long service life.

Key Features

Product overview of Generation 1

  V21700-UHP26 V21700-UHP29 in concept phase V21700-HP50 in concept phase
Discharge capacity ​at 0.2C 2.6 Ah 2.9 Ah 5.0 Ah
Gravimetric Energy density 140 Wh/kg 156 Wh/kg 260 Wh/kg
DCIR at 50% SOC​ at 25 °C 10A, 10s < 8 mOhm < 9 mOhm < 14 mOhm
Volumetric Peak power density > 8,000 W/L > 8,000 W/L > 6,000 W/L
Fast charge up to 80% SOC < 6 min < 6 min < 12 min
Cycle life 80% SOH, 1C/1C at 25 °C > 2,500 cy > 2,000 cy > 500 cy
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V4Drive sets new standards

Our high-performance cell clearly stands out from competing products.

Illustration based on the independent "Batemo Battery Laboratory"

Product datasheet

Product data V217000-UHP26
Product data V217000-UHP26

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