We are pioneers in the production of high-performance cells with high charging speeds. Our research and development teams are crucial to the success of German battery cell production. Their expertise is valued by premium car manufacturers.

V4DRIVE product portfolio

V4DRIVE is not just a cell, but a complete customised solution for innovative engineers looking for batteries that make a difference. Different cell formats guarantee different performance characteristics. This makes the form factor the decisive performance factor.

Generation 1 - The high-performance booster cell

The V4Drive 21700 Generation 1 models deliver full acceleration, whether in a hybrid sports car, fuel cell trucks, or power tools, the booster cell supports performance with a peak power of 300 W. This turns driving into a dynamic experience and overtaking maneuvers into an effortless process.

Models Generation 1

  V21700-UHP26 V21700-UHP29 in concept phase V21700-HP50 in concept phase
Discharge capacity ​at 0.2C 2.6 Ah 2.9 Ah 5.0 Ah
Gravimetric Energy density 140 Wh/kg 156 Wh/kg 260 Wh/kg
DCIR at 50% SOC​ at 25 °C 10A, 10s < 8 mOhm < 9 mOhm < 14 mOhm
Volumetric Peak power density > 8,000 W/L > 8,000 W/L > 6,000 W/L
Fast charge up to 80% SOC < 6 min < 6 min < 12 min
Cycle life 80% SOH, 1C/1C at 25 °C > 2,500 cy > 2,000 cy > 500 cy

Generation 2 – The high-performance driving cell 

The V4Drive models of Generation 2 deliver full energy. Where the competitors reach their limits, Generation 2 from V4Drive moves forward. With power up to 400 W, V4Drive drives to peak performance - not just on short journeys, but reliably from beginning to end. The cells are perfect for applications that require maximum power and speed without compromise. Whether in sports cars, e-jet skis, drones or power tools: V4Drive is revolutionizing the market and setting completely new standards. Especially, the power tools can operate continuously when powered by V4Drive, while others need to take a long break by getting too hot.

Models Generation 2

  V18650-HP30 in concept phase V21700-HP45 in concept phase V21700-HEP5X in concept phase
Discharge capacity ​at 0.2C 3.0 Ah 4.5 Ah > 5.6 Ah
Volumetric peak power density > 7,000 W/L > 7,000 W/L > 6,000 W/L

A new generation of high-performance
lithium-ion battery cells

The low internal resistance of our cells is the key to our success. The combination of an advanced chemical system, improved mechanical design and innovative process technology results in fast charging and discharging, ideal heat dissipation and optimised performance even at low temperatures.

  • Low internal resistance
  • Good temperature distribution
  • Fast charge
  • High performance
  • Long cycle life

We have transferred our expertise from the mass production of small lithium-ion cells to larger formats. By combining a newly patented chemical formula, an advanced design and innovative process technologies, we have succeeded in developing an ultra-high-power cell.

The result: ultra-fast charging, discharging and recuperation without overheating or system shutdowns

Top performance. No matter what the conditions.

Thanks to our expertise in cell development, our cells can withstand all conditions. Due to a very low internal resistance, the cells always remain below their upper cut of temperature, even after rapid charging and discharging. Our innovative design is particularly noticeable in cold conditions. While Lithium-Ion cells of competitors have limited performance in boundary conditions, the V4DRIVE cells shows impressive performance even at low state of charge and at extreme conditions. The cell safety is guaranteed by the outstanding mechanic design.

V4Drive sets new standards

Our high-performance cell clearly stands out from competing products.

Illustration based on the independent "Batemo Battery Laboratory"