Behind V4DRIVE are passionate specialists who are driving the future of e-mobility. From seasoned experts to bright minds of all ages, our team is dedicated to making a difference. Together, we are shaping the landscape of e-mobility, driven by our shared commitment to innovation and excellence.

Fully electric - human driven

Our company history: a path of innovation and success

V4Drive, born from the innovative spirit of VARTA AG in 2021, is a milestone in the development of lithium-ion technology for electric mobility. Inspired by the legacy of VARTA, which among other things supplied the battery for the camera used in the Apollo 11 moon landing, V4Drive inherits a rich tradition of expertise and know-how.

The launch of the V4Drive ultra-high performance lithium-ion cylindrical cell not only emphasises our continued role as a pioneer in battery technology, but also demonstrates our commitment to redefining the boundaries of electromobility. With the start of pilot production and delivery of the first samples to potential customers in the first year, V4Drive has quickly established itself as an independent segment within the Group that is driving the future of mobility

Our journey, characterised by pioneering achievements and providing ground-breaking solutions to pioneers in various industries, confirms our commitment to being at the forefront of sustainable innovation in the field of electromobility. 

Milestones from over 135 years of experience in battery technology

  • 2024

    Expansion of production facilitie

    In spring 2024, the decision was taken to build a further production facility
  • 2022

    Foundation of V4DRIVE

    V4DRIVE becomes an independent subsidiary of VARTA AG
  • 2021

    Presentation of the V4DRIVE battery

    The latest innovation was presented in spring 2021: an ultra-high-power lithium-ion cylindrical cell, called V4DRIVE. Pilot production began at the end of 2021 and the first samples have already been delivered to potential customers.
  • 2009

    R&D launch of V4DRIVE

    In 2009, VARTA began research and development of a high-performance lithium-ion cylindrical cell, laying the foundation for a new type of battery that would change the game once again.
  • 2009

    Joint venture between VARTA and Volkswagen

    In 2009, Volkswagen entered into a joint venture with VARTA to further expand its range of battery electric vehicles. The aim was to develop and produce efficient lithium-ion cells.
  • 1887

    The foundation

    The origins of VARTA AG go back to Adolph Müller, who founded Accumulatoren-Fabrik Tudor'schen Systems Büsche & Müller oHG in 1887. The company was transformed into Accumulatoren-Fabrik Aktiengesellschaft (AFA) in 1890.