With V4DRIVE, we're reshaping the technology of electromobility by leveraging 135 years of battery technology expertise to develop tailored solutions. Our high-performance cells enable fast charging and exceptional acceleration, ensuring pure driving pleasure on both short and long journeys without compromises. As pioneers in the efficiency and sustainability of electric vehicles, our mission transcends merely accelerating cars; we're driving forward the energy transition and shaping a sustainable future.

The Challenge

Uncompromising driving pleasure

The shift away from internal combustion engines makes the battery the crucial success factor for electric vehicles. Previously, range was a key criterion, often at the expense of fast charging, high performance, and acceleration. This is where the high-performance battery cell from V4DRIVE comes into play.

The Solution


We developed lithium-ion cells known for their rapid charging ability and high acceleration performance. V4DRIVE is the sole battery cell on the market that merges both traits while maintaining a perpetually cool demeanor.

Full power not just on the road. With the second generation high-performance cells, goals are achieved faster even in the workplace. V4Drive delivers power and endurance for power tools.

Based in southern Germany

German engineered and manufactured - for highest quality standards.